If you’re planning on putting up a fence for your rabbit, dog, sheep, goat, pig, cattle or horse then come on in and we’ll set you up with everything you’ll need!

Some of Our Popular Brands:

Behlen Country, Red Brand, Davis Wire, Powder River, Powder Mountain, Yard Gard

These brands include:

Utility Wire (welded wire) 

Wire openings – 2” wide x 4” vertical

Heights include – 36” , 48” , 60” , 72”

In Lengths Of – 50′ , 100′

Field Fence (Woven Wire) 

Wire openings – 2” wide x 4” vertical

Mesh Wire Panels:

Stockade, Hi-Five, Security and Hog Panels

Tube Panels & Gates:
Round Pen, Corral, Etc. in Powder River, Powder Mountain and Behlen Varieties