Poultry Feed

Ask An Employee What We Keep in the Warehouse and What We Recommend For Your Flock

Laying Henschicken feed

  • Albers: Layer Pellet**, Layer Crumble**, Scratch**
  • Purina: Layena Crumble, Layena Plus Omega
  • Homegrown: Layer Pellet, Layer Crumble, No Corn No Soy Crumble, 5 Grain Scratch
  • Natures Pride Organic: Layer Pellet, Layer Crumble


  • Albers: Chick Starter (Medicated), All Purpose Poultry**, Chick Scratch, Broiler Starter/Finisher**
  • Purina: Chick Starter (Medicated & Non-Medicated)
  • Natures Pride Organic: Chick Starter


  • Purina: Gamebird Startena, Flight Conditioner, Turkey Grower, Gamebird Breeder, Gamebird Maintenance

Mixed Flocks

  • Albers: All Purpose Poultry**
  • Purina: Flock Rasier (crumble & pellet)

Other Items

  • Hen/Chick Grit, Oyster Shell, Meal Worms, Treat Cakes


**Frequent Buyer Cards Available