Horse Feed

Any member of our friendly staff are happy to recommend exactly what you need for optimal health in your horse or pony

Allegra: Senior**

LMF: Development G, Low Carb Stage 1, Low Carb Complete, Primetime, Senior, Showtime, Super Supplement

Purina: Equine Senior, Equine Junior, Impact (hay stretcher), Impact 12-6 + Lysine, Impact Senior, Omolene 100, Omolene 200, Omolene 300, Omolene 400

Strategy: GX, Healthy Edge, Healthy Edge Active Senior

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We also carry all the supplements including:

alfalfa pellets or cubes – timothy pellets – orchard pellets – alfalfa/timothy pellets – beet pulp – rice bran pellets – beet pulp shreds – hi-fat rice bran – Equine Shine – Millennium Gold – Farriers Formula – Trifecta

horse feed